Why choose Add plus

Choosing to use Add plus Media Kit means adopting a digitization strategy for the enhancement of one’s work; of everyday life, of those many things that we have always done with effort and passion and that we do not imagine can be worth far beyond what appears to us.

Videos, web articles, projects to be cataloged, documents for meetings, deadlines to be checked, posts on our social networks, the promotion of services and products, their online sale and the satisfaction of all this by of the others. Have you ever thought you could manage them all together and in one place? With Add plus you can now.

Unique, powerful, easy and ready to use.

A tool that combines the soul of the multi-link, that of the cloud and that of the website editor. A unique combination that allows you to connect online content, store in the cloud and edit web pages in automated multimedia collections with just 1 software. We call them Media Kit.

You can choose the Media Kit that best suits your digital business. A powerful tool that provides you with a wide range of features to edit your multiple contents in the form of catalogs, web pages, multimedia presentations, digital archives, talking labels, time schedules, etc., always executable and editable in team. More solutions, more functions and many templates, all in one place and with the right tools to meet different digital needs.

Fill out your profile, shorten the URL and share your Media Kit with anyone via email, chat and social media posts from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Check the click statistics on your content; create your network of users / customers and check their liking on what you share to refine your marketing strategies.

You will not have to buy any domain, nor a server, nor even the services of a web master to carry out your digital transformation and be present on the web. With Add plus no particular skill is required: it is easy and intuitive. Ready to use with many templates to be used immediately and customizable with your own brand.

Example of Media Kit

Your Media Kit are waiting for you.

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