We are

… the first Add plus users.

A few years ago we changed the way we archive documents using our optical Multiple Dynamic Codes and Multiple-Link landing pages.

Innovating the method of archiving and collecting online content by giving documents a different meaning: being a widespread, traceable and shareable access point to convey multiple information. A period of research and application in the field that allowed us to experiment and verify processes and technologies up to what we have defined as the augmented content mode of our method of managing online content and documents. An innovative procedure that with the multiple-link technology enhances the information of any document, or rather of any support that today allows you to record texts, images, attachments, web addresses, maps, localizations, business cards, purchase methods … whole world.

An adventure that has become a service that comes from the experience of many and of which we would like each user to feel part of it … but of those who build the future.
Tell us what you think of Add plus, how you use the multi-dynamism of our QL Boxes, what you would like to have improved. Write to us at the form below.

We will be grateful to you appreciating your originality.

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